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Rethinking Convenience Eating

Home cooking is about to get a lot easier with Sian’s Plan

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  • Save Time
  • Keep in control of you & your family's health

    • Quick, easy & enjoyable home cooking
    • Low salt, low saturated fat & low sugar recipes
    • Fresh balanced meals with variety of ingredients

    “I used to be a member of Weight Watchers which would cost £8.50 per class once a week. Sian’s Plan achieves better results, and saves me money!” Sheila, mum of 3.

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  • Reduce food waste & save money, it's simple

    • You only buy what you need. Save £720 or more every year.

    "I know everything in the fridge has been allocated to a meal so there is no waste of food. I have massively reduced spontaneous buying, I am saving money and time and we are eating more healthily as a family" Rose, mum of 2.

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  • Families
  • Heart
  • Save hours every week & eliminate stress

    • No more worrying about "What's for dinner"
    • More quality time with your family
    • Always have the right ingredients in the kitchen

    “Thank you so much for creating the plan… and giving me back my time!”

    Get started, it's free!

Sian's Plan food waste calculator

How much money could you save with Sian's Plan?

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  • Sian's Plan saves you

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What's the story with the colours? A video guide.

Our colours are designed to make your life easier. They're a way for you to organise when you can cook and when you can't. Using the colour system will help you to reduce your food waste, control your shopping, optimise your family's health and go a long way to reducing your stress levels.

red circle

Red day recipes are main meals under 35 minutes and provide 4 portions. They use healthy cooking methods and healthy ingredients.

green circle

Green day recipes encourage you to use leftovers. This saves you money and reduce food waste. All green day recipes can be made using Sian's Store Cupboard ingredients but are designed to be flexible so you can throw in any leftovers you have. Like red day recipes, they are under 35 minutes and provide 4 portions.

blue circle

Blue day recipes tend to take longer than 45 minutes (eg. Lasagne, Stews) and make at least 8 portions. So on a blue day you cook double what you need. This gives you a day off from cooking (white day).

white circle

Some days we can't or don't want to cook. There's nothing wrong with that. On a white day you may reheat a blue day meal or even eat out.

Instructions on how to meal plan

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